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And I hope you miss me too

Today I finally felt sort of like an adult.

By paying $588 for insurance.


The short version is: military insurance for dependents, oddly enough, is not covered under the Obama plan (which is insuring people under their parents' insurance up until they were... 24? 25?); you still only get it up until you stop going to school. Then they offer you military insurance at that rate (well, that's for three month's worth) if you're 25 or under, unemployed, single... and still (I think) living with your parents.

Owing to the fact that my allergies have become obscenely terrible in the last 6 or 7 months I cannot get by uninsured (this is not an occasional runny nose, this is along the lines of sneezing fifteen times before I'm even out of bed), therefore:

Daddy: .... How much do you have in your checking account.
Me: .... Daddy, are you going to make me--
Daddy: ... Talk to your mother.
Mama: ..... Honey, I'll pay you back for part of it.
Me: ... *writes out check*

I have always had some seasonal allergies (but most people do) and was mildly irritated by mold before but it has exploded since then to the point that Claritin, nasal irrigation, etc. won't cut it anymore.

But anyway. It could always be worse!

I went to Alaska with my aunts, uncles, and grandparents on my dad's side of the family for a week so I wasn't online. It... wasn't as pleasant as it could be and just typing that out makes me feel disgusting and ungrateful because it was a cruise. Those things are expensive and supposed to be wonderful. There was a lot going on. My grandfather's dementia has gotten to the point that he rarely recognized the stateroom and my grandmother ended up talking to him in Tagalog most of the time, among other stuff. I got some beautiful pictures, though, I may post them soon.
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(no subject)

I am seriously thinking about deleting my Facebook. I don't use it more than once a week at best and like... half the social networking advances of the last five years, strikes me as impersonal and aggravating. Seriously normally all I do there is friend the random people who friend me. I don't post life updates and I generally don't care about anyone else's life updates. Only thing is, I don't want to get bombarded with a slew of people asking "=( what happened to your Facebook, did you get mad at someone?" because, well, I didn't, I just got put out at the system in general.

I sound so mean. =/ Part of this is because my cousin muscled my mom into getting one, even though she didn't want one (there's nothing objectionable on mine or anything I want to hide from her, but still), and I just hate it when people coax other people into things they're not comfortable with.
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A long ride in a motorbike

I spent the last hour and a half rereading old RP logs, old Brawl comment threads. It was sort of silly but I could feel myself smile as I kept reading and remembering. There was plenty of embarrassing stuff, sure, but nostalgia makes the heart grow fonder and I had lots of fun.

Anyone still RP? I do, but mostly in DRs. I read the anon memes every time although I think they've gotten stupider than usual lately. I've got no intention of trying to, I don't know, recreate Brawl or anything like that, I'm not that sentimental, I was just wondering. I was talking to someone a couple days ago, and it hit me that most-- or at least, a fair amount-- of us or even RPers in general-- never quite stopped RPing after a game died, just relocated, often to the same game... and I don't know. I've lost touch with 99.999% of the people I used to talk to and RP with, which is basically my own fault and I haven't got the nerve these days to start IMing much again. But I'm... slowly starting to try again to pick things up with people. I just-- I don't know, I end up very apprehensive and talking myself out of IMing people because in a lot of cases it's been anywhere from two and a half to four or five years and I wonder if anyone really wants to talk to me, if we've got anything in common anymore, or if they're just being polite. Ulk, that sounds so silly.

Please, please, please don't ask me to get a plurk or a twitter.
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You near your destination

My cousin Peggy died on Saturday. She was 80 and the funeral will be tomorrow. She was a wonderful person, a real doer, and I know she is in a much better place now, in health she hasn't had in many years. My prayers go out to the rest of the family.

I'm donating my semi-poor, obscure efforts toward the help_japan fandom auctions. My thread is here, I'll write at least 2000 words for anything Kaori Yuki, Diabolo, Utena, After School Nightmare, etc. and if anyone on the old f-list feels nostalgic I'll even do Brawl!fic, too. If that's not in your interests I'd urge you to check out the rest of the stuff that's avaliable, because what these people are doing is incredible. I will be bidding myself (probably on some of those baked goods! ... And I will probably lose.) and if you have the time/money to spare (believe me when I say I know how that is, life is tough all over), I would really encourage you all to do so too.
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In a mine the whole day through

I have been quite sick but trudged along to class anyway. We had our first three days canceled due to snow (nine inches-- I know it's probably nothing to most of you, but this is Georgia, where we're not even equipped to handle two inches of snow), and half-days Thursday and Friday.

I found out through one of my coworkers that the Monday-Wednesday-Friday shift was so badly overstaffed that they were going to have to cut people's hours, so my rather dumb excuse for nobility kicked in and I offered to completely overhaul my schedule so I could work all day on the Tuesday-Thursday shift instead. Since I'm a senior that's taking only electives (except for my last drama course), it wasn't really that big of a deal, and while I'll miss the extra money... realistically, I probably wouldn't be getting much more, if at all, due to the cut hours. My manager sweetly tried to get me on the Saturday shift to make up for it askjdgs but I like my weekends too much for that.

My schedule thus far (subject to slight changes):

9:05-9:55-- THEA 3330, Costume Design
11:15-12:05-- HORT 2000, .... Horticulture
12:20-1:10-- CMLT 2400, Asian-American Lit (gag me with a spoon, the teacher is only two years older than me, and wants our immigration stories. This promises to be awkward.)
1:25-2:15-- LING 2100, Intro to Linguistics

8:00-4:00-- "Can I get you any sauces, sir?"

9:05-9:55-- THEA 3330, Costume Design
11:15-12:05-- HORT 2000, .... Horticulture
12:20-1:10-- CMLT 2400, Asian-American Lit
1:25-2:15-- LING 2100, Intro to Linguistics

8:00-4:00-- "Can I get you any sauces, sir?"

9:05-9:55-- THEA 3330, Costume Design
11:15-12:05-- HORT 2000, .... Horticulture
12:20-1:10-- CMLT 2400, Asian-American Lit
1:25-2:15-- LING 2100, Intro to Linguistics

Yeah. I'm really excited for Costume Design because I had wanted to take it earlier, but since I'd thought I was going to do the Monday-Wednesday-Friday shift I hadn't been able to sign up for it (and would have had to take Asian-American theatre instead....). Luckily there was still a spot open. I'm taking the Linguistics class mostly, honestly, because my English Grammar course was a glorified Linguistics class, so yeah.

I had wanted to take Abnormal Psychology but the only times it was offered were an 8 a.m. and a 9:05, so that was out of the question. I've gone four years never having to take a class earlier than 9:05, apart from a freshmen seminar that only met once a week. I'm not breaking that vow now!
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Before the sun is just a bright spot in the nighttime

Job is going well. I work really hard. I more or less know what I'm doing now and I finally have money of my own (even if the paycheck is... sad), which is awesome. My collection is still hideous and I need to take a new photo of it. =(

Class is... eww. One of my profs made the final optional but I'm going to have to take it anyway if I want a shot at a solid B (which sadly is always what I end up doing when the finals are made optional). Of course, it's on the very last day of finals. My entire college career I've had to stay until the last day of finals.

Today is going to be really busy since I have a meeting, then a play to watch, and then I have to go canning (fundraising), unless I want to spend $50 of my own money, ow.

I write in my notebooks backwards when I'm writing random non-class related stuff (like, use the back end to start), but it's seriously taken this long for anyone to actually point it out. They thought I was doing it like that because I'm left-handed.

Also, there's been construction going on in the basement of the English building and we've been having to move our classroom for the past month. Mostly we try to stay in this really neat, old-fashioned looking mini-library with a bunch of couches and super-dim lighting. I told someone I'd fall asleep if we were in there again.

"But you fall asleep anyway even when we're in the regular classroom."

"... I know."

"You're real stealth about it, though. I thought you were just concentrating for the longest time. And you don't do that thing where you jerk your head back when you wake up."

"Years and years of practice."
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And rearranging yourself

My final advising appointment:

Dr. Anderson: So you're graduating in the spring.

Me: Yes.

Dr. Anderson: Congratulations.

Me: I have one theatre class left and beyond that I can take anything I want for my last semster. Probably some 1000-level courses since I've gone way over the required amount of upper-divisions already.

Dr. Anderson: What are you going to do when you graduate?

Me: I don't know. Go home.

Dr. Anderson: And where is home?



Me: No, we don't pronounce it like that.

Dr. Anderson: I see. Well, you can register on the 20th.

Me: *thinking about four years OF MY LIFE DOWN THE DRAIN* Dang. Dang.

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--and a homecoming queen

Happy birthday to you

Twenty-one! It's all downhill from here!

I'm at home for the first time in nearly two months. I was so unused to being back that I woke up in the middle of the night and wondered who that other person in the room was (... and it was my kid sister). Caroline ended up with bootlegs of some more SM gashapon from a friend. I didn't have the heart to tell her that they were bootlegs, so I just... bought her figures to at least complete the set with real ones. =( I also have been (dumbly) getting myself silly little presents to give me something to look forward to in the mail.

Amanda and Cierra are supposed to be coming over. I think I enticed them by saying my parents would probably pay for their food, haha. I keep getting facebook (which I never use, I just have one because of a course I took a couple years ago) notes on my wall and they make me feel stupidly special.

My entries have gotten too short lately. Oops.
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--I kissed a corpse and I liked it~

We're gonna bring kegs of wine

Work is work. I have found a friend.

I have also found that paychecks are incredibly pathetic and they actually make me not want to spend my money. I still have to pay my tithing. I'm going home over this weekend, though (for my 21st birthday!) which should be pretty good. I think my cousin Erika is coming. I hope so. =)

In worse news, my new dorm at Rutherford is incredibly ant-infested and the only weapon at my disposal (beyond the complaint I've already submitted) is half a bottle of 409, which is trying to conspire to make me sick. My sense of smell is already shot enough that I can only tell there's eau de 409 when I unlock the door and walk in.

Classes are killingly boring this semester. Just one of those days where you wish something would happen, but it doesn't. I can't wait until the weather cools down. Ninety degrees in September is just ridiculous.
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